Fellowships to Belarusian lecturers, scientists, and PhD students at EU higher education and research institutions under the Programme support to advanced learning and training (EU4Belarus SALT II)


Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

Funding amount

384,400 EUR

Valid until

2023-12-15 16:00

Important documents

Funded activities

Types of action which may be financed under this call include:

  • fellowship actions for academic exchange at higher education institutions to improve professional experience in the field of interest, meet academic colleagues, develop a course or curriculum. Attending seminars, giving guest lectures and presentations at higher education institutions may be eligible as part of the larger experience project;
  • fellowship actions for research in a specific field at a higher education institutions or research centers, including time in libraries and archives, field work (data collection); this may include international collaboration leading to peer reviewed articles;
  • fellowship actions for non-paid internships at a higher education institution or a research center.

Applications may be submitted in all fields of science.


The target group for this call is:

  • lecturers at universities;
  • researchers at research institutions;
  • PhD students.

Eligibility of applicants:

  • be a natural person and
  • be a citizen of the Republic of Belarus and
  • reside in an EU member state or one of the Eastern partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine). In case of residence  outside Belarus, it should not exceed 4 years by the time of application and
  • be current or former lecturer or scientist at a higher education institution or a research institution, including think tanks and research NGOs, or a PhD student in Belarus and
  • demonstrate that the applicant has been under threats, suffered from actual persecution /repression, or risks of threatening, persecution, repressions on political grounds (based on official protocols or other documents, such as reference letters issued by independent civil society organisations, human rights activists, members of Coordination council, etc.) and
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action, not acting as an intermediary.

Size of grants:

  • minimum amount: EUR 5,518 ( min 89 days (no less than 3 months))
  • maximum amount: EUR 19,220 (max 310 days (no more than 10 months))

Amount of the grant will be calculated according to planned calendar days of the fellowship not exceeding 10 months and will be paid according to actual time spent on the fellowship.

Submission of project applications

The link to the submission is SUBMIT APPLICATION


Audronė Uzielienė
CPMA International Development Cooperation Projects Division Senior Project Manager


The global objective of this action is to reinforce the resilience and capacity among the Belarusian people affected by the political crisis to achieve democratic changes in Belarus.
The specific objective of this call for proposals is to support Belarusian lecturers, scientists, and PhD students affected by the current political crisis in Belarus to access EU-based universities and research institutes through individual fellowship grants to benefit from access to higher education and opportunities for lifelong-learning compliant with the EU standards and values:

  • Enabling Belarusian applicants who have been subjected to threats and repressions on political grounds to continue their academic and/or pedagogical activity, upgrade their knowledge, build professional contacts in the EU countries;
  • Supporting Belarusian applicants who have been forced to relocate from Belarus to the EU due to the political crisis in Belarus;
  • Promoting academic mobility of Belarusian lecturers, scientists, and PhD students.

Duration of the projects

The planned duration of an action is minimum three months (89 days) but may not exceed ten months (310 days). Fellowships are expected to start indicatively from 1st April 2024 and be completed by 30th June 2025.

Support to applicants

Prior to the deadline for applications, the contracting authority will release a video record with information on how to fill in the applications. The video will be published on the website where the call was published. The planned publishing date is November 14, 2023.

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